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  • Anthony Logistics Shave Cream
  • Anthony Logistics Shave Cream

Anthony Logistics Shave Cream

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Allergy Tested
All Skin Types
3oz/6 oz.

Objective A smooth shave; for the first time in your life, a truly smooth shave.
Strategy Lightly coat face with smooth stuff: eucalyptus oil to heal, squalene to lubricate, aloe vera gel to soothe, an infusion of hops (do not drink) to relax, a bunch of vitamins to nourish-A, B5, C and E.
Method of Use Thoroughly cleanse skin before shaving to prevent razor burn and ensure a close, smooth shave. Apply a thin layer of cream with a brush or hand. Shave. Rinse off. Follow with Astringent Toner Pads or Toner.
Why it Works? Natural moisturizing oils soften and lubricate the beard, helps provide a close shave. No Benzocaine so you can't over-shave. Shave Cream washes easily off the blade.

* Rich, dense whipped cream spreads easily over skin.
* Softens beard hairs for the closest shave possible.
* Protects skin during shaving.
* Benzocaine free formula prevents skin numbness so you can't over-shave.
* Cools on contact.
* Does not clog blade.

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Squalene Derived from wheat germ, lubricates and softens skin.
Vitamin A Softens, smoothes and stimulates the skin's own moisturizing mechanisms.
Vitamin E Antioxidant that nourishes conditions and feeds the skin. Improves moisture capacity of skin.
Vitamin C Antioxidant, protects skin, helps increase elasticity, nourishes and tightens.
Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) Aids in moisture retention, conditions, nourishes, heals and helps repair.
Eucalyptus Extract Disinfects, heals, cools and refreshes.
Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizes, soothes, promotes healing and calms. Helps restore the natural pH level to skin.
Infusion of Hops Soothing and relaxing tonic.Goldenseal Helps soothe and heal. Anti-itching and antiseptic agent.
Peppermint Refreshes, soothes and stimulates. Antiseptic. Anti-inflammatory to men's skin.
Allantoin Anti-allergenic, softens and soothes.
Rosemary A natural skin purifier and astringent.

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